Twelve Steps

The Twelve Step Poem

Opiate Addiction

I’ve been an addict my whole life, it just took opiates to really wake it up and take control over me I think.

Twelve Steps

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in the rooms of both of the well known 12 step groups.  While I personally don’t follow all of their beliefs, I have seen people that do that have very long clean time. So, there’s no question that it works for some.

The steps though, those I do fully believe in. I’m an agnostic though, so I’ve always had trouble with steps 2 and 3, and stumbled everytime.

Regardless if you use steps 2 and 3 or not,  the rest I totally recommend.

Here’s a poem that a fellow addict posted recently, that struck me.

The Twelve Step Poem:

I took step one, began to moan..
I can’t do this one on my own.
I took step two, began to pray..
Restore me God, please now, today.
I took step three, gave up my will…
Maybe God could love me still.
I took a fourth, I looked inside…
Nothing more would I hide.
And on the fifth, I said aloud…
I’ve done some wrong, and i’m not proud.
I took step six, and got prepared…
To lose the defects, I was scared.
Now i’m at seven, take them away…
My God, for this, I do pray.
And on the eighth, the list was long…
Amends to make for all the wrongs.
I took step nine, put down my pride…
Amends made, I will not hide.
Step ten I take, each day I pray…
I make amends along the way.
And on eleven, I pray to know…
Each day his will, which way to go.
I take step twelve, I’m like a bird…
To others now, I spread the word.

Written by: Cassie Stevens

Very nice Cassie! Thanks for sharing, and allowing me to post it here!

If you’re clean today, you’re a warrior. If you’re wanting to GET clean today, you can be someone’s hero tomorrow.

I love you all!