If methadone is free to heroin addicts, why isn’t insulin free for diabetics?

Opiate Addiction

Let me begin by saying, that I am not a fan of suboxone or methadone. In my opinion, if you have to have one of the other, suboxone is safer. Methadone gets into your bones and acts like a poison basically.

That being said, I am also not a doctor, and I completely agree that everyone recovers differently. Whatever it takes to get you off the opiates, it’s what it takes.

Why is Methadone free for heroin addicts because they have a disease, but insulin is not free for diabetics?

There’s a short answer for this question. Methadone is not free! 

Opiate addicts can apply for government assistance to get Methadone free. There are income requirements you’ve got to meet. That’s usually not a problem for heroin addicts though. If they qualify for free or discounted Methadone, they get put on a waiting list to get into a Methadone clinic.

The same also applies to diabetics for their supplies, and Insulin as well. Only no waiting list after approval, that I’m aware of (I could be wrong about that, but I hope I’m not).

If you’re diabetic, you can apply for free, or discounted Insulin and/or supplies. You can apply online, or at your local health department. If you do you have to pay for some of the cost, you can contact the makers of whatever it is, and most have assistance programs for that, too. You can even have them delivered to your home.

Three good resources I found for this after a little google search are:
Partnership for Prescription Assistance

If methadone is free for heroin addicts because they have a disease, why isn’t chemo free to cancer patients?

Again, Methadone is not free. The lack of government assistance for this though, I have no good answer for. We’ve all been effected by cancer in one way or another, and it’s a horrible thing to see someone go through.

I think though, when it comes down to it, the blame for this should again be placed on big pharma, and the healthcare industry. They’ve made these medicines so expensive, not to mention the costs for the use of the machines, the surgeons, even the little cotton balls they use, that there’s no way any assistance program can come close to covering it all.

Basically, I guess the government can afford a few dollars a day for Methadone, but they can’t afford thousands a day to pay the death dealers, and healthcare criminals. It is sad!