Whats first in the battle on opiate addiction?

Opiate Addiction

The opiate epidemic has gotten so far outta hand, that it’s hard to know where to start. In my opinion, it’s going to take a dual prong attack, and years and years of work to get it under control.

1. Stop the bleeding

First, we need to get a handle on the number of low power pain pills being prescribed. Opiate pain killers like Hydrocodone, Percocet, Lortab, etc. that’s where everyone usually starts. No one start’s out with a needle, and a bag of heroin. That’s where the problem begins, and we cannot fix this until we stop creating more and more addicts by prescribing these things.

Doctors prescribe these drugs for everything from amputation, to toe fungus, that’s what started all of this. We HAVE to stop, or at least temporarily suspend, all of these types of low power drugs being prescribed. I’m not saying to take pain pills away from cancer patients, not at all. I think high power pain meds (morphine, dilaudid, opana, etc.), should be reserved only for those types of situations. Prescribing Morphine for lower back pain, for example, is ridiculous!

2. Time for cleanup and damage control

After we’ve stopped the bleeding, and gotten a hold on the number of new addicts being created everyday and the parties finally over for big pharma, the cleanup must begin.

We need to make drug treatment available for all of those suffering from addiction. Pres. Trump declaring this a “public health emergency” is nice, but it’s nothing more than words. We need it to be declared a “national emergency”, so that funding can be made available to make drug treatment more accessible to addicts. You cannot imagine the number of addicts that want help, but can’t get it!

Along with making treatment more accessible to addicts, we need to take a serious look at what drugs we’re using for what problems. Did you now that Oxycontin has never been scientifically proven to work for pain? We also need to search for alternative medicines for long time treatment of pain. Opiates are NOT a long term solution.

If doctors are going to continue to hand these drugs out like candy, they also should be help responsible for providing an exit strategy for the patient when it’s time to safely remove the opiates. I DO NOT consider Suboxone or Methadone, an exit strategy. Those drugs do nothing more than turn your doctor into your dope man.

Medical Marijuana is an extremely potential option, as it covers so many things. But, that would destroy big pharma’s profits, so I don’t see that happening anytime soon, not on a federal level at least.

3. Who pay’s for all of this?

The big pharma companies came out with these drugs, and only got them approved by the FDA by using complete lies! The FDA was told that these drugs had “little to no chance of addiction”. Oxycontin, for example, they said it had a “Less than 1% chance of addiction”. I guess I’m a .9%’r! So, what it all comes down to is that we were lied to, and we’re paying for it with our lives.

Simply put, Big Pharma needs to foot the bill for all this mess they’ve made. This is an option being weighed by an attorney from Mississippi named Mike Moore. He is the only one to ever fie a lawsuit against the tobacco industry, and WIN! They were forced to payout $246 BILLION. He’s getting everything geared up to fight big pharma now in an effort to force them to cover the cost of the cleanup of the opiate epidemic they’ve created.